It's critical to know where each bottle is, so the collection is organized physically and then recorded digitally using a varietal, producer, and vintage model. The inventory is customized to the specifications and consumption habits of the collector by organizing the wine in a methodical and intuitive fashion. Once completed, you'll have the best possible access to your bottles, knowing what to drink and when.

The Cellar Manager will work with a client to set up an inventory management system that meshes with their collecting habits. Proficient with a variety of inventory management systems, we work regularly with programs such as CellarTracker,, eSommelier and VinCellar. Keep your inventory current or leave the maintenance to us by scheduling cellar visits, ensuring that recent arrivals and purchases don't pile up.
Knowing the value of your liquid assets is helpful, particularly when making decisions for insurance purposes, cellar moves, liquidation, and when donating wine. The Cellar Manager utilizes a variety of sources to provide current market values of a collection.

The Cellar Manager can facilitate the acquiring and selling of wine through partnerships with the major auction houses, online sites, and strategic relationships with retail sources.

We will also build a collection from the ground up, putting together a dream cellar package for the client with excellent provenance. We learn your preferences, have you taste wines, and then work within your budget to find the best wines for you.
The Cellar Manager will arrive with appropriate boxes, tape, and labels, ensuring the safe packaging and transport of your valuable assets. Cellar and storage emergencies are more common than clients can imagine. The Cellar Manager provides peace of mind, resolving these emergencies and acting quickly and effectively in these trying situations.

In the event that a client should have cause to move their collection, The Cellar Manager will oversee and execute the move. A move to any location is possible because of The Cellar Manager's established contacts in the shipping and trucking businesses. Refrigerated transport is always available as part of the service. Our experienced cellar associates work exclusively with wine, providing a level of reassurance over the traditional moving company.
Should a collection outgrow a home cellar, The Cellar Manager can arrange for secure temperature and humidity controlled wine storage in most locales with strong storage relationships in the Greater Los Angeles area.

All inventory and cellar management services are offered at off-site storage facilities.
Building a proper wine cellar is vital when collecting and displaying wine. Expert advice learned from years working in cellars of all sizes and formats can be provided for the layout, racking and building of a cellar.

We maintain relationships with a number of cellar construction companies so our clients can execute their cellar vision.
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